Individual Analysis

After a game has been played we analyse an individuals performance and focus on their behaviours. We categorise the key game moments within the methods and principles that Vantage stands for. We want to add to an athletes game, not replace.

Individual Training

The individual training is mostly based on the game. We take out specific game moments and turn these moments into sessions. All-in relation to the Vantage methods. Every player has his or her own behaviour and therefore all individual training sessions are specifically tailored to the individual.

Data Based Improvements

At Vantage we gather our own unique data, based on the games players take part in. The moments we gather give insight on multiple subjects and are transformed into statistics and graphics. We can see a players development and focus points, based on the data we gather. This gives us a clear overview on the starting point and the development of a player.


Congratulations on 100 caps for the Dutch National team, Dominique Janssen!

#TeamVantage took a trip out to the University of Groningen.

#TeamVantage were out in Germany to train with Wolfsburg player Lena Oberdorf. Watch out for more info on this...

#TeamVantage were in Amsterdam for the premiere of Ajax: Parels van Amsterdam in support of Ryan Gravenberch